Models going to china to book jobs from the U.S. requires a working visas, saw a single entry, up to 3 months, total $349.00, on March 31st 2019, more details at:


China Models, Beijing, Tokyo, Models boards, did not see any model Instagram pages.  Web:  Also locations in:  New York, and Paris.
Esee Models, Shanghai, model boards, for In Town and Direct Booking, did not see and model Instagram pages:  Web:
InStar Model Management, Beijing,
 good working models boards, did not see model Instagram pages, Web:
Modelight Model Management, Shanghai, the model boards did not work when trying for us.  Not sure if they have Instagram pages, do see models on the runway at shows and presentations. Web:  


Shanghai Fashion Week, Shanghai, Fashion week organization, a lot of the website is written in chinese. Web:


Period Magazine, China, Fashion, Web:
Vogue Magazine, Fashion Web: