Barbizon Chique, Wilmington, Models, Actors, Talent, Featured model pictures, No model Instagram.  Web:


Delaware Beach Life, Rehoboth Beach, The magazine, has photographs by readers, and a photo contest, that ends on July 1st 2020 Web:
Delaware Today, Wilmington, The lifestyle magazine of Delaware, Web:
Letters from Camp Rehoboth, Rehoboth Beach, The magazine, can be read online, on ISSUU, the model jobs, look like print work, for state or local area businesses. A lifestyle magazine for same sex couples, etc. Web:


All Casting, Wilmington, Casting Network Website, for Actors, Models, etc.. Now readers, we, have seen that this site, has a Youtube channel, the testimonials are a few years old, and often the people in them can’t be found. It looks, like a great job casting site, and it’s in America! Have seen major companies, casting, tho, we don’t see, how to list oneself as a casting director. Web:
Kids Casting, Wilmington, Casting Network Website for parents to create accounts to manage their children and teens careers, by submitting them to casting calls. Saw a link to look at casting calls, open to the public. Web: