New Version Models, Hernando, Mostly woman with male and female models on the same board, world-wide placements, Did not see Model Instagram pages. Web: www.NewVerisonModels.com  

Denise Carol Models, Jacksonville, Models, Commercial models, No Model Instagram seen,  Web:  http://www.DeniseCarolModels.com
Sessions Modeling Studio, Jacksonville, Models, Commercial Models, No Model Instagram seen, Web:  http://www.SessionsModeling.com

MP Management, Miami, Good models, some with Instagram pages, Other locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, International:  Paris & Stockholm,  Web:  http://www.MPManagement.com

CW Management, Naples, Mostly female models, Did not see Instagram pages, Web:  http://www.CWTalent.com

Slate Model and Talent Agency, Good model boards, with a variety of models. Did not see any model Instagram pages. Web: http://www.SlateModels.com


Attractions Magazine, Orlando, Is all about amusement attractions around the world, looks, like they sometimes use commercial models Web: AttractionsMagazine.com
Ocean Drive Magazine, Miami Beach, features, model editorial’s, cover’s, and interviews.  It’s a society magazine.  Web:  http://www.OceanDrive.com
Orlando Magazine, Orlando, Has a lot of reading about dealing with corvid-19 right now, it’s a good magazine to learn about visiting and for the locals. Web: http://www.OrlandoMagazine.com


FLorida Fashion Week, in Fort Lauderdale’s, Web:  http://www.FLLFashionWeek.com