Germany model sources


GQ Germany, seen some topics, that push the bottom, Web:  www.GQ-Magazin.De


Aquamarine, a few models, did not see any Instagram pages, Wuppertal, Germany:  Web:
Dopamin Models,
a few models and they have Instagram pages, Dusseldorf, Germany,  Web:  
Enzio.M – Management, a few models and they have Instagram pages, Freiburg, Germany Web:  http://www.Enzio-M.DE
Place Models, The best agency so far found in Germany, the models have Instagram pages, large images, Hamburg, Germany. Web:
VivaBerlin, model boards: Classic, Lifestyle, Men, New Faces,  Web:

Radio Stations:

WDR 1 Live, The station has announcers speaking in germane, popular music station, songs played in germane and english, Web: